Play unannounced "Extras" and Encores

To make the concert experience more unpredictable, unannounced pieces are occasionally inserted into the printed program. Shaking up an lighten up the presentation format, these "extras" are there to surprise the audience, but also to highlight additional relationships between works and composers.


"The orchestra responded with playing that seemed to grow in skill, power and discipline throughout the piece, culminating in a joyous finale. It was with disbelief that we saw Preu return to the stage with the score to Mozart’s Overture to “The Marriage of Figaro,” which the orchestra dispatched with such freshness it might have been the first item on the program."

Larry Lapidus, The Spokesman Review (10/14/2013)

Breaking down cultural barriers: Spokane Tribe of Indians in Wellpinit

2005: The Spokane Symphony is the first Symphony orchestra to play on a Native Indian Reservation. Among the pieces performed is an arrangement of "Frere Jaques", sung in Salish, the native language that was close to being forgotten. 

The musicians and music director danced with the tribe as well.



"Symphony on the Edge" at the Big Easy


2004: Creation of “Symphony on the Edge”, presenting concerts of "edgy" repertoire (music that was edgy at the time of its conception) in a nightclub setting

Annual New Years Eve performance of Beethoven's symphony no. 9

"Best Fest"

2009: Creation of “Best Fest”, a summer concert series in collaboration with local wineries, breweries, ice creameries

"Take the Stage"

2010: Creation of “Take the Stage”, interactive concert with audience members on stage (includes bar and food)

"Soiree on the Edge"

2010: "Soiree on the Edge", an outdoor summer concert series at the local Arborcrest Winery, with eclectic repertoire choices

Symphony with a Splash

2011: Creation of “Symphony with a Splash”. Designed to attract new audiences this format features a Happy Hour, a live band in the lobby prior to the performance, a mini concert of mostly contemporary repertoire, and the opportunity for some audience members to sit on stage.