Accordionist Patricia Bartell sweeps symphony with solo

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 05/11/2015

Two of the brightest planets in Spokane’s musical firmament teamed up this weekend, when accordionist Patricia Bartell joined Eckart Preu and the Spokane Symphony Orchestra on the stage of the Martin... more »

Symphony meets the challenge of virtuosity

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 04/20/2015

Virtuosity in all its forms was the order of the evening at Saturday’s performance by the Spokane Symphony Orchestra at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox.

Virtuosity in music suggests... more »

Spokane Symphony journeys to the Mideast

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 03/30/2015

The power of music to bridge gaps, fuse opposites and transmute differences into commonalities was the focus of this past weekend’s concerts by the Spokane Symphony in its home at the Martin... more »

Schubert’s ‘Unfinished’ wows audience into silence

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 03/02/2015

Music director Eckart Preu chose to open Saturday’s concert by the Spokane Symphony at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox with a performance of Franz Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 in B minor ... more »

Preu takes listeners on journey through mystery, delight and sorrow

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 10/27/2014

Eckart Preu, music director of the Spokane Symphony, chose to open the third in this season’s Classics Series at The Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox with “King Tide” (1999), a work for large... more »

Inaugural symphonies explore color, rhythm, melody

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 10/13/2014

If rhythm, melody, form and color are the foundations of music ? as we were taught ? then Eckart Preu and the Spokane Symphony have explored all four with us in their first two concerts of the... more »

Spokane Symphony season opens with modern, classical works

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 09/22/2014

In the inaugural concert of the 2014-15 Spokane Symphony season on Saturday at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox, music director Eckart Preu wasted no time in demonstrating how he and the... more »

Spokane Symphony’s season closers exhausting, inspiring

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 05/12/2014

Eckart Preu, music director of the Spokane Symphony, often has said his chief goal is to provide his audience with an intense emotional experience, not merely to entertain them.

He... more »

Spokane Symphony offers fresh experience with contemporary pieces

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 04/14/2014

A young member of the audience at Saturday’s Spokane Symphony concert said her favorite work on the program was not the dazzling “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (“Thus Spoke Zarathustra” – 1896) by... more »

Jeremy Denk, Spokane Symphony deliver thrilling performance

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 02/24/2014

Audiences at this weekend’s concerts by the Spokane Symphony at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox enjoyed an exciting glimpse into at least one aspect of classical music when Jeremy Denk... more »

Preu, Spokane Symphony give tour of Western composers

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 01/27/2014

Is Eckart Preu the ideal music director for Spokane’s symphony orchestra? Signs point to yes.

Nowadays, a music director must not only be a compelling conductor, but must show a gift... more »

Spokane Symphony gives breath to praise

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 10/28/2013

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” 

This simple injunction from Psalm 150 has inspired a great deal of music over the centuries, including each work performed this ... more »

Contemporary symphony pieces challenge and delight

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 10/14/2013

There was a time in the not too distant past when the surest way for a music director to drive a wedge between the orchestra and the public was put contemporary music on the program...
... more »

Spokane Symphony opens on elegant note

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 09/23/2013

The inaugural concert of the Spokane Symphony’s 2013-14 season at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox was exciting both in itself and as a bridge into what one hopes will be a new era for the... more »

Stamford Symphony closes season with powerful Bruckner Symphony

Jeffrey Johnson (Correspondent), 04/22/2013

The symphonic music of Bruckner is set apart. It progresses and develops in ways that are unlike other repertoire, and requires an orchestra to recalibrate the way it plays. It also requires a... more »

Romance conquers Spokane Symphony

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 04/15/2013

The romantic movement that dominated European culture in the 19th century produced countless musical masterpieces that continue to draw audiences to concert halls. Three diverse examples of... more »

GCS & SSO: A truly magical collaboration

Jeffrey Johnson (Correspondent), 03/27/2013

In the history of classical music, Ludwig van Beethoven was the original drama king. As a composer of pounding, surging, theatrical, emotional, turbulent and explosive music, he was a first,... more »

Symphony uses Spanish flair to impart color

Larry Lapidus (Correspondent), 02/25/2013

One of the great joys of orchestral music is that it can be enjoyed in many different ways. One can listen for beautiful melodies or delightful combinations of instrumental sounds, or enjoy... more »

Stamford Symphony makes it sound easy

Jeffrey Johnson (Correspondent), 02/18/2013

There are two kinds of music that are not what they appear to be.
There is music that sounds like it would be hard to play, but is actually idiomatic and not as difficult as it might seem. Then... more »

Stamford Symphony: A program that read like a good book

Jeffrey Johnson (Correspondent), 11/05/2012

A well-designed program of classical orchestral music can develop over the course of an evening, and the Stamford Symphony continued its 2012-2013 season with a program that had the coherence of good... more »