Spokane Symphony: ‘Beethoven’s Facebook’

22. Sep. 2011 –

Spokane Symphony: ‘Beethoven’s Facebook’

The Spokane Symphony’s Casual Classics series has always emphasized the word “casual,” but the symphony takes that concept to new heights on Friday with a concert titled “Beethoven’s Facebook.”


In some ways, it’s a regular concert, with the symphony performing Bach’s Suite No. 1; Haydn’s Symphony No. 38; Rossini’s Overture to “L’Italiana in Algeri”; and Beethoven’s Prometheus Overture and Symphony No. 2.


But it will also have some distinctly modern differences.


“I will have a computer on stage and an overhead screen and we will go into Beethoven’s page and see what happens,” said Music Director Eckart Preu.


“We’ll ask, what if Beethoven had a Facebook page? Who would he friend? Who would he unfriend? What would he ‘like’?’ ”


He will troll for information about Beethoven’s connections with the evening’s other composers. It’s actually just a variation on the usual Casual Classics theme, in which Preu begins each piece with some information about the composers and then gives the audience clues about what to listen for.


“The Facebook thing is to lift them out of the obscure past and make them a person, not a legend,” he said.


The plan is also to present shorter works, for people “who are a little afraid of classical music.” Even the Beethoven symphony is on the brief side (at least by Ludwig’s standards).


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